Mission-Driven Coaches and Entrepreneurs

Trade your overwhelm and confusion for clarity and confidence, as we guide you through our collaborative, strategic, done-for-you, brand-building process, so that you are authentically packaged and totally ready to bring your truth and genius to the world

We can help you create your mission-driven business if you’re feeling:

Overwhelmed and not knowing where to start
Confused about who you are and what you should offer
Apprehensive if what you have to offer has any value
Unsure of how to simplify your business ideas so they're ready to market
DIY burnout as a result of trying to be the designer or copywriter you’re not
Unwilling to wait any longer to get the results you need now


On a historic mountainside in Valley Forge—a suburb of Philadelphia—in a 200-year old home that my partner, Kimm and I renovated, we ran a design studio for 25 years serving Fortune 100 clients and non-profits, creating brands, websites, marketing materials, and collateral for both print and digital.

Along the way, about 15 years ago, I started two other side ventures that were aiming to be impactful, enterprise-level companies. The drive to see them succeed was anchored in my desire to create financial freedom, as well as more free time in my schedule. However, between managing our current client base and pouring myself into the new ventures, I, ironically, found myself averaging 16-hour days, six to seven days a week. I kept telling myself that this was all a part of the goal to serve my family, but the reality was, I was losing my 25-year connection with Kimm and our five children. I was constantly stressed and defensive, while trying all sorts of the latest marketing tactics, only to find that none of them were the solution I needed. As the years passed, constantly forcing myself to be someone I wasn’t brought me further away from my authentic self.

After way too long of playing that game and still not seeing results, and at the resilient encouragement of my amazing wife, Kimm, I realized at the heart of it, was the need to stop everything I was doing, look inward and get the coaching I needed to help me make a dramatic mindset shift, align myself with who I truly am and embrace my purpose.

When I began the process of living beyond my limiting beliefs and reconnecting with my authentic self, I knew my vision and purpose was to help others live authentically as well. Now, my source of fulfillment (true success) is to build other’s brands by crafting their Brand Story, both verbally and visually, creating the clarity and confidence necessary so they can get out there, share their genius, crush their revenue goals, and impact the lives of others!

“I can’t explain how amazing the intensive experience was for me. I was literally moved to tears to see how it all came together.When it came to the copy, Kimm captured my voice and conveyed exactly what I intended. If you have an opportunity to work with Stephen and Kimm, I would highly recommend. They take the time to get to know you and your business. If you want something customized to fit who you are, this is the way to go.”

Shelyna Brown  |  Transformation Coach  |  Preside  |  San Francisco, CA


We will start by extracting and sifting through your piles of notes and ideas, really understanding who you are, what you’re about and what you want to bring to the world and turn it all into a designed and written done-for-you brand, website or presentation that looks and feels 100% you.


We work in a series of one-day intensives, which simply means we set aside the entire day to collaborate with you, staying focused on the goal, keeping energy and momentum high and delivering tangible results at the end of each day.


You won’t have to wait weeks or months to have the brand you’ve been trying to DIY, instead you’ll be completely set up, at ease, confident and excited about sharing who you are and what you do with anyone, so you can impact lives and crush your revenue goals.

Work with us through One-Day Intensives

Your Complete Brand In Only a Few Days — It Doesn't Get Better Than That!

One-to-One Intensives

Work with us One-to-One during a Two-Day Brand Intensive to define and create your Authentic Brand, in a "Done-For-You" format.


Group Intensives

Work with us in a Group, during a Four-Day Brand Intensive to define and create your Authentic Brand, in a "Done-With-You" format.


“What you provide, I just feel so confident, that you and Kimm, get it, and know, and listen. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, is for me to be able to just talk and you guys just do it, there’s no wondering — do they understand, do they know what I mean. I’m so happy. I feel like I’m finally in the right place. We’ve done so much in the past few months, more than I’ve done in a year. I wish I would have met you a year ago.”

Allison McGrath  |  Divorce Coach & Mediator  |  True North Divorce  |  Vancouver, Canada